Sunday, 18 May 2014

The Worst Boyfriend Ever

Today is English day. I'm tired to write a longgggg....LONG... writing. Let me rest yup! Ahaks...... Want to know something ?? Jeng...jeng..JENG ... I got my allowance today! YEAYYYY .. haha.. Don't be jealous k ;-)

On my BOOB  18XX
Epidemic of Un 'ROMANCE' tic 
One Zero Right ^.^
Two Zero Right ^.^
Tend to OVER React 
Because We Are Human The Trickiest Not To Find The Perfect Person Before The Perfect Person to Find The Trick 
Really Have Hard Time Saying I Love YOU 
"I Love Me TOO" 
Three Zero Right ^.^

Gurls, do you have boyfriends like described above ? But you can't do anything ?  You can't leave him ? You might be still infatuated with him and thus unable to view him objectively, but try to snap yourself out of it. 

There hv some of my girl friend's who has boyfriend cases, see how weird the sentence is. From what she tell me, I can see that his BF has shown some of the popular symptoms including lack of empathy. Lack of remorse related to hurting others, superficial charm,  Disregard for the safety of self or others, Substance abuse, Persistent lying or stealing, Tendency to violate the rights and boundaries of others, Inability to make or keep friends. And etc..... I think u girls can list more than I probably. 

Honestly, I don't know if there is any effective treatment for boyfriend like that. For ur safety, for now, if u have boyfriend like that, you'll have to cut off contact with him for a while. Just for a while. Act like that you've been through hell because of that type of guy already. Make him realize how important you're in his life. But, after he eagerly persuade u that he want u back, go with him. Don't leave him like a crazy dog. It might cause a serious problem. 

This is just my opinion, see how ur boyfriend first if u want to make any action. Think the best solution base on what u know bout him. Pray more and understand better. TEEHEE..

                      notakaki: The most annoying boyfriend is actually the one that love you the most...  Am i right ?


  1. Haha... I love me TOO ....God !

  2. A perfect video to describe my boyfriend . LOL

  3. Zura ...SOKONG 100%

  4. belanja larrr.... :p

  5. Akashah Qi, annoying + ungrateful. the girl is so beautiful.